Our applications


Launching soon!

Setapp (or sensor app) is the detection engine. Install the app and set the phone facing the object to be monitored to start detection.


Registration opens soon!

Dashboard helps to manage accounts for the setapp and opapp. Shows the live status of the shop floor assets and provides interactive data driven reports for further analysis.


Launching soon!

Opapp is the app for operators on the shop floor. Operators can provide feedback as well as get information regarding the production for a more operator driven shop floor.

Holder suggestions

We recommend holders that are adjustable, rigid, and safe. From the tests we have conducted we prefer holders that have a strong magnetic base that can be fixed safely on a magnetic surface. For best results you can purchase holders from ram mounts. Press the button below to shop our recommended phone holder.

Shop phone holder

We also recommend creating your own holders using the materials available at your disposal. You can see some fun examples on the side where we have phones on 3D printed holders, phones strapped with cable ties and rubber bands and some basic ones with just a coffee cup or an egg tray. The only thing to consider is that the holder that you are using is rigid, safe and keeps the phone upright facing the object to be monitored.

Phone setup details

Phone specifications...

Android version 5.0+

Camera 8MP


32 GB storage

Make sure that phone is...

having stacklight in the Setapp camera frame.

connected to company specific charger.

connected to stable internet.

Make sure that...

distance between phone and the stacklight is less than 2 meters.

phone should be placed as upright as possible (angle between phone and the stacklight can be between 60 to 120 degrees).

background disturbances from external sources should be minimum.