Where does your potential lie?

With our structured way, we will help you gain at least 20-30% more productivity
Get rid of the paper trail!


Digitization includes benefits related to ease of tracing important information, availability of real-time data, easier reporting of shopfloor incidents and a less stressful environment leading to a more productive work environment.

Instant visibility!


Most manufacturing companies do not know how their resources are performing and do not realise their full potential. Improving transparency through data and information sharing of factory resources initiates the first step to an improved and more productive company.

Data driven
Data is unbiased and does not lie.

Data driven decisions

Data can easily point out issues and show possible areas for improvement. Justify strategy changes in your daily production using the data that is available to you in real-time rather than based on what feels right.


    Earn more by improving your productivity

  1. Machine's approximate cost per hour
  2. Improvement rate
  3. %
  4. Working hours per day
  5. hours
  6. Working days per year
  7. days

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Maximizing production potential using predictive maintenance

Today, many maintenance strategies of manufacturing companies rely on reactive approaches to machine failures or schedule-based maintenance performed by personnel. Sometimes, this imposes significant time and financial burdens for manufacturers.

Industry 4.0 is more than data and tools

Industry 4.0- a term circulating in the industry for the last few years where companies say they are trying to adopt I4.0 practices into their manufacturing operations but have no idea what it truly means.

Four ways to gather machine data to improve your manufacturing productivity

We realize that companies look for several factors when they look at data-collection and visualization solutions, and we have made our data-collection practices flexible enough to accommodate all these factors.

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